The ancestors of Great Zimbabwe are probably needed to tell us a tale of their life journey. History can only be traced to as far as evidence of truth and reality make sense to the current generation??? The people of Zimbabwe are probably one of the rare species on earth. What they have put up with is unbelievable, unthinkable and yet they still smile. The liberation struggle was a memorable process in the history of Zimbabwe and yet we tell this story with mixed emotions. There is aurguably a big contradiction in the definition of independence to the people of this country, but what gobbles the mind further is the die hard spirit to live a life that is at least free from what some call “oppression”. There are strong questions about the state of the Zimbabwean people, if at all they are cowards, too lenient or well informed about life; tolerance, love and peace loving citizens. There is definitely something untold about this country, Great Zimbabwe. Grassroots is throwing spanners on stage for you to come and take your pick and probably find out he untold side of this mighty nation. View details of this play and buy tickets at the Edinburgh fringe website


Grassroots is currnetly touring the United Kingdom, covering Yorkshire, Wakes, Scotland and Norfolk before returning home later in the year. This tour is very special specifically to the organisation as we celebrate 10 years of international educational and cultural development work, as well as our 20th anniversary. We are holding a 20th celebration event in Norwich in September/October and the dates, details and time will be publicised soon. We shall in turn hold another celebration event in Zimbabwe at the end of the year. A publication of our journey travelled so far shall also be made available for our fans, supporters and partners.

Our blog has not been sharing much news in past few months due to re-organising and strategising but we are happy to announce our healthy come back! So keep in touch with our news on this site.

Please click here to read about TB Alert’s work with Grassroots Theatre Company (p.12)


There is lots of potential in using YouTube to get children communicating through video and showcasing their interests and sharing skills. GTC could use their contacts in schools to get students uploading videos that can then be embedded in a blog – like this one – to bring together a platform for international exchange. See example videos below of the type of videos that students might be encouraged to produce:

It is easier than ever to share and collaborate and GTC could be developing education programmes that take advantage of this technology.

Times are changing for the better here in Zimbabwe and ART has played a big role in making our lives better than it has been in the past years. We would like to wish all our partners and friends a well derserved happy new year. Our plan of action for the year will be out soon, so please keep checking on this site. We started work on 11 January and will keep you informed of our news throughout the year. Grassroots is here for you and we are so pleased to be part of the good work you do. God bless!!!!

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